Forum Condos

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Cortel Group2800 Highway 7, Concord

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Number Of Storeys38

Number of Suites839

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Locker PriceTBA

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platinum incentive


Forum Condos is an extraordinary pre-construction detached homes development project by Cortel Group. It symbolizes an unparalleled investment opportunity in a community that is poised for incredible growth and transformation. The project is not just another condo development, but a reinvention of community living spaces, integrating premium amenities, communal areas, and a vibrant lifestyle. Forum Condos presents a blend of modern living with the traditional essence of community gathering places, ensuring a living experience that is both enriching and convenient.


Forum Condos proudly stands at 2800 Highway 7 & Creditstone Road, situated right at the intersection of Highway 7 & Maplecrete, in the dynamic core of Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC). This prime location is nestled within a thriving metropolitan hub, surrounded by an array of shops, cafes, parks, restaurants, and galleries. The condo’s strategic position in this newly established centre underpins its high growth potential, offering residents and investors a chance to be part of a transformative urban development.


Transportation at Forum Condos is a pinnacle of convenience and accessibility. It is enviably located just a few steps away from the brand-new subway station at Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, linking the city seamlessly to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). This direct access to major transit networks, including the subway that provides direct routes to Downtown Toronto, positions Forum Condos as a highly accessible residence for urban commuters and enthusiasts.


The amenities at Forum Condos are meticulously designed to foster a sense of community and enhance the living experience of its residents. The condo development boasts a wide array of exceptional amenities ranging from state-of-the-art fitness centers to beautifully crafted communal spaces for social interactions and gatherings. Forum Condos goes beyond just providing living spaces; it ensures that residents enjoy a premium lifestyle enriched with comfort, convenience, and social vibrancy.

Reason to Invest in Forum Condos

Investing in Forum Condos presents a remarkable opportunity due to its strategic location, high growth potential, and exceptional amenities. Its position in a multi-billion-dollar redevelopment project zone, including new infrastructures such as office towers, hotels, an entertainment district, and convention centers, augments the investment attractiveness of these condos.

About the Developer: Cortel Group

Cortel Group, the powerhouse behind Forum Condos, is a family-operated conglomerate of diverse and dynamic businesses specializing in building comprehensive residential and commercial communities throughout Toronto and beyond. Their vision goes beyond mere construction; they aim to create “complete communities” that embody a harmonious blend of recreation, green spaces, shopping, services, and transportation, ensuring a flourishing and sustainable living environment for families to thrive and grow.


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