ANX Condos

Starting Low 
328 Dupont Street, Toronto

ANX Condos Specs

Floor Plans11

Number Of Storeys12

Number of Suites102

Parking PriceTBD

Locker Price$85,000

Maintenance Fees

Est Maintenance$0.69

Important Dates

Est OccupancySpring 2024

VIP LaunchOct 30, 2019

Important Dates

Total Min Deposit20%

Deposit Notes$5,000 on Signing Balance to 5% in 30 Days 5% in 120 Days 10% on Occupancy

platinum incentive


Coming soon to inspire. Living in a distinctive boutique in the new Dupont,  a magnificent new building. Balanced and utterly solitary in appearance. Expressing much more in a single, wonderful line, where inspiration has found its spectacular place. Enjoy a creative life. The writers, entertainers, inventors, and designers of inventiveness. 

Learn how function can take on fantastic new forms. Well-rounded and exudes a flawless singularity. One magnificent line, where creativity has found its distinctive mark, may say much more than words ever could. 


For post-secondary students to call home throughout the academic year, look no further than The ANX Condos. The ANX Condos are a short stroll from both the University of Toronto St. George Campus and the George Brown Casa Loma Campus. Transportation is made simple for students at Ryerson University or OCAD to get to school. The Annex neighbourhood of Toronto is a highly well-liked area of the city consisting of interesting local theatres and museums as well as lively businesses, historic buildings, blooming parks, and charming streets. 

There is no requirement for a vehicle for homeowners of ANX Condos because everything they need will be within walking distance. The neighbourhood post office, restaurants, cafés, bars, supermarkets, banks, drugstores, and pharmacies can all be reached on foot by residents. 


The Dupont subway station is only a short distance away for ANX Condos residents. Toronto’s downtown may be reached in less than 20 minutes for commuters. The TTC bus and streetcar services are also only outside the entrance of ANX Condos. When residing at ANX Condos, a car is most definitely not necessary. 


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